Capital Egg Company Ltd

Capital Egg Company has been supplying eggs and egg products to restaurants, hotels, cafes and caterers across Wellington for 40 years.

We are an exclusive distributor for Zeagold egg products in the Wellington region and supply a wide range of products, including whole eggs, chilled pre-cooked eggs, egg pulp and pre-made mixes. See our product range.

We are able to cater to the needs of customers of any size and are able to offer many ways of ordering. Visit our Buying With Us page to make an order or to sign up as a customer. Or contact us for any queries.

Our products include:

Shell eggs

Whole egg pulp

Cooked peeled eggs

Egg spread

Quiche mix

Scrambled egg mix

Omelette mix

Pie pots

Egg white

Egg yolk

See our product range